If you're spending the long weekend on the Cape, the Harbormaster has some words of advice for you. 

In the wake of the serious shark attack in Truro and dozens of Great White sightings off Cape beaches, Nathan Sears, the Orleans Harbormaster, took to Facebook to warn residents and visitors.

Sears starts by reminding people that sharks are always in the water and sometimes very close to shore. Sharks are looking for food and feeding not far off the beach and in shallow water. He says they are seeing sharks "feeding aggressively in shockingly shallow water on an almost daily basis over this past August." He goes on to remind people to heed the warnings of signage by the water or from lifeguards and town officials.

Because a lot of the beaches on the backside of the Cape are large and often remote, there is a chance that there may be no warnings or lifeguards and that beach-goers should always air on the side of caution when it comes to the water.

He also reminds people that things can turn into a seriously bad situation if you don't adhere to warnings issued for your safety. Sears concludes, "The constant presence of White sharks in shallow water off of Nauset Beach in the months of August - October is the new norm. It is time for beachgoers to change their behavior or something terrible is going to happen. Please be safe."

Stay safe this weekend, everyone.



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