A Cape Cod visitor took to Reddit to ask the community what he was missing when it came to his and his seven-year-old's vacation. He listed all of the things he was displeased with, including traffic, waveless seaweed-filled beaches, and the high price of food, hoping someone would let him in on the secret about how to salvage the rest of his trip.

Commenters on the subReddit /CapeCod thread were very quick to point out that Cape Cod is not a destination meant for non-stop entertainment but is more of a getaway one goes on when looking for scenic views and relaxation – or as one Reddit user put it, to 'find themselves'.

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While most people blamed him for not doing his homework before booking his trip, a few kind people gave him ideas on where to visit and eat to get more of the Cape Cod experience he was hoping for before his vacation ends. Of course, as Massachusetts residents tend to do,  a few people chimed in with snarky “Please tell all your friends” and “Another tourist will not return. Beautiful” remarks.

Some of his complaints seemed like they could have been avoided with a little bit of research or a call over to a visitor’s center ahead of time and other complaints were valid. The traffic is awful and the price of food (we assume he means seafood, because, duh, Cape Cod) is a bit crazy lately.

If this guy, and the rest of us, learned anything about planning a trip, it’s that we should ask the local Reddit community first and get an itinerary built by the locals themselves.

Nevertheless, we took his complaints and did what any disappointed tourist would want us to do: made them into postcards to commemorate his visit.

Cape Cod Postcards for Disappointed Tourists

A disappointed Cape Cod tourist's criticisms of Reddit led to us turning his issues into postcards that can be sent out to any would-be tourist.

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