The Hot Chocolate Sparrow Coffee Shop in Orleans is a Cape Cod staple its employees have been dedicated workers for years, and they just got some amazing news.

U.S. citizenship is a hot-button issue and has been a tough subject for many. So many of our neighbors and friends have been frantic in making sure they did all the right things to stay in our country.

I'm not writing this to get political, but purely because I love and adore this spot and all the yummy things that come out of it. Granted, I have not visited the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in about a year or so, but it's definitely a must if you drive through Orleans.

The news that eight of their employees have received permanent citizenship comes as a relief to so many locals that visit the shop. The employees have become like family for many in the surrounding area that frequent the coffee shop.

The official announcement was posted on the Hot Chocolate Sparrow Facebook page and you can see just by the comments, likes and shares that this is something that makes people happy and want to celebrate along with the newly-minted citizens.

Have you ever visited the Hot Chocolate Sparrow? It's one of the Cape Cod treasures that I'm thankful I know about.

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