It's hard to believe that Camila Cabello actually hasn't released new music in nearly a year. It only seems like she has because her and rumored boyfriend Shawn Mendes released a duet earlier this year that ended up being the song of the summer.

We most recently watched her super-steamy performance on the MTV VMAs with Shawn for their song "Senorita." They almost kissed on live television. They didn't, because they have yet to publicly confirm they are a couple. When Shawn was asked about it, his response alluded to Camila being the one to hold them back from making it publicly official.

In my opinion, do whatever makes you guys happy and healthy. Public relationships aren't easy, so work on building a strong foundation for the relationship first. But still, the world is excited about this duo possibly being a couple.

Camila has been hard at work in the studio and decided to pull an Ariana Grande and drop two songs on the same day. My personal favorite is "Liar," mostly because it has that Latin flair that we love from Camila.

Here is "Liar" in case you missed it on the radio:

Yes, it's got a sexy summer vibe. However, Camila has an emotional message she wanted to get out and not only did she release this song but has a music video to accompany the release. I completely understand why she wanted this song out ASAP. I almost feel like this is her confessing how much she likes Shawn.

Check out "Shameless" here:

Now we want you to vote on what we think is the radio hit, "Liar." Tell us, is this one, wicked good or totally, whack? Should we add it to the Fun 107 playlist?

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