Cameron Diaz recently revealed in an interview why she never chose to have kids, unlike many of her star-studded colleagues.

Getty Images/Anthony Harvey
Getty Images/Anthony Harvey

In the August edition of Esquire, Diaz reveals the reason why motherhood wasn't the right choice for her. has excerpts from her interview here: "A baby — that's all day, every day for eighteen years. Not having a baby might really make things easier, but that doesn't make it an easy decision. I like protecting people, but I was never drawn to being a mother. I have it much easier than any of them. That's just what it is," states Diaz.

Celebrities face a lot of criticism for their life choices, so I applaud Diaz for speaking out about her decision on such a controversial topic. Live and let live, right?

Cameron Diaz continued on in her interview on what life is like in her fabulous 40's and how her new movie, 'Sex Tape' is going, where she starts opposite of Jason Segel.

I definitely give her credit for speaking her mind on such a touchy subject and for staying in such great shape in her 40's!