We have many great, reasonably priced restaurants here on the Southcoast.  Most of them do not take reservations, and operate on a "first come first serve basis.   Of the most popular ones, you can count on a long wait if you choose them as your dinner destination on a Friday or Saturday evening.  There is one well-known area franchise that offers call-ahead seating.  It's not a reservation, and by calling the number, you simply add your name to the waiting list without having to be there in person.

When they do call your name, if you are not there, they simply cross it off and go to the next person on the list.   I am amazed that most of the other restaurants do not offer this service.    Maybe they like the fact that they have a crowd of standing or sitting in the waiting area.

Perhaps it increases business for their bar as some people choose to have a drink while waiting for a table.   But when we are hungry, or have plans to see a movie or show on a Saturday night,  we sure do appreciate shaving an hour off our waiting time.   We'll save those hours for the doctor's office visit.