The owner of a small cafe in New Bedford is seeking the public's help after her cell phone was stolen from her shop.

On Saturday, November 11th, at 10:55 AM, Heidi Sanders had her phone taken after she accidentally left it on the glass of her pastry case. Sanders owns Cafe Arpeggio in New Bedford's Downtown district and was shocked to find that one of her customers was the suspect involved when her phone went missing.

Here's actual video footage from the business's security camera footage.

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"We have cameras everywhere and was able to catch the person responsible for taking my phone," Sanders said, "I'm embarrassed that I carelessly left it (the phone) out in the open like that, but it's a lesson learned, and I truly hope I can get my phone back. There are recent baby photos of my grandson as well as memories I'll never get back if it's not backed up to the cloud."

Sanders is offering a $100 reward if her phone is returned back to the cafe with no questions asked and no police involvement.

"What's odd is that she ordered food and tipped us before swiping the phone," Sanders said distraught, "We can see on the footage that she clearly checked to see if it worked and as soon as the phone indicated that it did, she slid it into her hoodie pocket."

A police report has been filed, but if anyone knows who this thief is, please contact the New Bedford Police Department immediately or email me with any leads at

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