Well, butter my bread and roast my toast, the SouthCoast did not disappoint when it comes to naming the end piece of a loaf of bread.

Growing up, I always referred to the end piece of bread as "the fanny." It's what my mother called it, therefore it's what I called it. To this day, I refuse to see that piece as anything else but the fanny.

Oddly enough, I was never a fan of the fanny and refused to make a sandwich or toast if that was the last resort.

Times have changed.

These days, I'm accustomed to the end piece and will shamelessly eat it as is. No butter or toasting is required, just straight up. Isn't it funny how our fussiness dissipates as we grow with age?

Tomatoes are another food item that I simply could not stand for the longest time, and now I'll slice up a fresh one from the garden, slap it on a fanny piece of bread, and have myself a little sandwich.

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Weird, I'm aware, but luckily I'm not the only one with a nickname for this particular slice of carbohydrates.

I asked the good people of the SouthCoast what they call the end piece of a loaf and the results were just as good as the slice itself. Not everyone agreed. Most people despise the slice.

It's safe to say the fanny of bread is the least popular slice in the loaf and your nicknames pass the vibe check.

See for yourself.

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