Everything went beautifully! Mommy and Daddy were nervous leading up to our daughters first day of Kindergarten and the first bus ride.

Abby is a Mommy and Daddy's girl. She won't do anything without one or both of us guiding her along and making her feel secure, so you can understand my nervousness as we led her onto the bus without the secureness of mom and dad. So, there is the bus, none of her friends, strange boys, and....... A GRUMPY BUS DRIVER!!!

Really? How does a personality like this get to maintain a job that requires interaction with a bus full of lids that are under the age of 8? I said "GOOD MORNING" to the guy.....no response....no actions to make abby feel welcomed on her first day, no hello, no anything!!....Then, after she sits down he says....(in a grumpy voice)..."gotta put your backpack on your lap"...no smile, no nothing!

Is it just me, or should someone in this position be required to at least pretend to be comforting and welcoming, or am I over reacting because I have a daughter who thrives on comfort and pleasantness?

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