Have they taken a page from our President's Twitter account? Some fast food chains have sent out some ripping tweets and Facebook posts after IHOP announced that their name change is not only "temporary," but has to do with burgers.

Wendy's wasted little time in taking to twitter to slam IHOP after they announced the name change to IHOb was to promote the addition of new burgers to their menu. The tweet suggested that the change to burgers was because making pancakes is too hard.

Wendy's Twitter

IHOP (IHOb) responded by saying they didn't want a beef with Wendy's, they just want to share their burgers with the world.

Burger King wasn't far behind when they posted a re-worked version of their logo on Facebook.
Burger king Facebook Page

The big winners in this whole thing are no doubt IHOP and Wendy's. Attention of social media has brought millions of hits to their sites.