It was only about a year ago that the International House of Pancakes caused a stir when they announced the new name of "IHOb" and the world went insane. How could you possibly change the name? Pancakes, hasn't it always been about the pancakes?

It was supposed to stand for International House of Burgers to promote their new burgers, but no one ever thought "let's go to IHOP for a burger." So many social media trolls told them to "stay in their lane" and "stick to their day job."

They tweeted out this video letting the world know they heard how many people disliked the new name. Apparently, they have some more news about something to do with their name on June 3.

Now, I'd like to think they did this on purpose to get us talking, but if it has the same reaction as last year, someone on the marketing team will probably looking for a new job.

Either way, the real question is will we still be able to get ourselves some chocolate chip pancakes with extra syrup? Hopefully, they have some kind of pancake happy hour so we can celebrate. If they haven't thought of it, then let's get tweeting.

I'll see you at the Dartmouth location. :)

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