I guess if you don't want to get bullied, be sure to bring backup.

Brent Warfield is not a fan of bullies. According to the report on Newser, Warfield was bullied as a kid, so needless to say he doesn't like seeing others get bullied.

The biker met Tammy Mick and her son Phil at a a local motorcycle shop some time last December. That was when Warfield found out that 11-year-old Phil was being verbally and physically bullied at school. Warfield promised to do something about it, according to the report.

On Phil's first day of school, Warfield showed up with over 50 bikers that he recruited to escort Phil to his first day. According to the report, some traveled more than an hour and took off work to show up.

Now if showing up with 50 bikers doesn't scare off a bully, I don't know what will. Bikers may look big, tough and mean on the outside, but clearly these guys have some big hearts too.

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