The Humanists of Boston University have collected over 1,000 signatures for a petition asking the Agganis Arena to cancel the upcoming Robin Thicke concert, according to The student organization believes Thickes' lyrics suggest misogyny and non-consensual sex. Patrick Johnson, the student who started the petition said, "By having him perform we are reaffirming rape culture and if we want to support women and better feminists we need to stop this from continuing."

The petition reads: "It is a dishonor to our feminist history to symbolically idolize Robin Thicke by allowing him to perform his misogynist music at our university. We kindly suggest that BU cancel Thicke’s performance, refund any ticket sales, and apologize for insinuating that sexism, or any form of baseless discrimination, is permissible at our institution."

Several years ago, BU hockey players were accused, on separate occasions, of sexual assault.

Colin Riley, the Executive Director of Media Reltions for BU, stated that the students should chose not to go to the concert because the school works hard to avoid censorship.

The Agganis Arena at BU is just one of 16 stops on Thicke's Blurred Lines tour. The show is scheduled for March 4.

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