Britney Spears confirmed her long-rumored Las Vegas residency last week with an appearance on 'Good Morning America,' which was not without some drama.

That said, Brit Brit will perform at Planet Hollywood for two years and move to Sin City part-time. The tickets went on sale for the first 16 shows, which are scheduled for Dec. 27 through Feb. 22. The bean counters have weighed in, suggesting that the sales are less than spectacular.

RadarOnline reports that sales weren't sluggish – they were abysmal. Only three dates sold out in advance. Tickets just went on sale, so the information and news needs to marinate and disperse.

But those involved are said to be worried as they were expecting sell outs right off the bat.

"After spending hundreds of thousands on promo, they expected to instantly sell out all of the first 16 shows, but they didn’t come close!," a source said. "In fact, Britney only sold out three of the 16 shows put on sale and many are considering this a disaster."

Brit's residency is 50 shows a year in a small theater holding 4,500 people, so those involved are already in panic mode.

The source pointed to pop star Celine Dion and country queen Shania Twain, both of whom embarked on residencies in Sin City and sold out their first block of dates immediately. Granted, they are older performers, and they also have an older demo that perhaps has more cash to spend.

The assessment is "all of this put together really isn’t looking well for Britney. Ticket sales need to start skyrocketing or else there’s going to be a lot of disappointed investors and people involved with the show."

With Brit expected to pocket a cool $30 million for the residency, if tickets don't start moving at a more brisk clip, there's going to be a lot of unhappy campers in her, well, camp.

We think that people need to stop thinking the worst so soon. Give it a minute and for Brit fans to nab their tickets.