Officers never know what they're going to get when they pull over a vehicle, but a recent call about an erratic driver in Bridgewater was probably not at all what they were expecting.

Seems the department got a call on September 1st about a car being driven erratically around 8 p.m.

The caller described the vehicle swerving across the center line, leading other drivers to assume operating under the influence I'm sure.

But the truth was much different.

After pulling the driver over, officers learned that they were actually just eating a Friendly's ice cream cone while heading to Burger King and wanted to prevent the cone from dripping all over them and their car.


Clearly their priorities were a little out of whack, but I guess ice cream all over yourself and your car can be very distracting while driving.

No word on whether or not they were ticketed or just let off with a warning about driving while cone eating.

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