If you've driven even one time in the state of Massachusetts, then you know the drill: It's every person for themselves out there.

From speeding excessively, cutting people off, and ignoring all yield signs, Massachusetts drivers are a breed all their own, so much so that the whole country was shocked when a study from earlier this year ranked Massachusetts drivers as some of the best. Yea, we're still trying to figure that one out, too.

With past experience in mind, this newly-released dashcam video from the Braintree area should come as no shock. It all happened on Saturday at what's known as the "Braintree Split," where Interstate 93 splits to become Route 3 south and (eventually) Route 1 north. As drivers approach the split, they navigate left or right depending on which direction they're heading. But as is always the case, some people wait until the last possible second.

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In this video posted in the subreddit r/IdiotsInCars, the driver of a blue Honda CRV is traveling in the far left lane, about to take the exit for Route 1, when they jut across multiple lanes of traffic to take the Route 3 exit, nearly hitting cars and barriers in the process.

"Oh no an exit, better endanger everyone's life to save [five minutes]," Reddit user u/hampy16 captioned the video.

"I really, genuinely believe that some people think that once you take an exit, it is no longer possible to re-enter the previous highway until you have stopped at your destination and are ready to head back the other way," u/angusyoung119 commented.

And it's so true! Sometimes it's better to just take the loss, take the wrong exit and reroute to your destination. You may add a few minutes to your travel time, but you may just save some lives in the process.

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