Tom Brady did a couple of unusual things this week. First, he sent out a rather cryptic tweet that has some fans concerned that the might be his final season. Then, today, Brady did something he almost never does. He fired back at critics—namely the New York Post.

Earlier this week, the New York Post accused Brady of ripping off Hall of Famer pitcher Tom Seaver's nickname, "Tom Terrific." Brady had filled out paperwork to start the process of copyrighting the nickname. The Post seized on the opportunity to jump all over Brady without asking him why he may have done it.

Today, Brady explained that he wanted to copyright the name "Tom Terrific" because he isn't a fan of people using it to describe him. Brady says he was afraid that someone might use the nickname to produce t-shirts, hats, or other merchandise.

In other words, Brady wasn't trying to "steal" Tom Seaver's nickname. Quite the opposite. He was trying to stop others from pairing the nickname with him.

In typical New York Post fashion, they seemed unimpressed with Brady's explanation, calling it an "odd excuse."

Nice try, New York Post. You can't touch Tommy Terrif (ugh)...wait a minute.


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