Looks like Tom Brady is going to have to find another nickname. Because he was denied a trademark on the one he's got.

Brady has been referred to as "Tom Terrific" for years, but this week lost his attempt at trademarking it.

Seems Brady wanted to use the moniker on t-shirts as well as trading cards and posters.

I feel like Tom doesn't get denied much, so I wonder how he feels about the news.

And though Patriots fans may be bummed, New York Mets fans are thrilled. Because to them former pitcher Tom Seaver is "Tom Terrific" and always will be.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office agrees with Mets fans too.

They say if Brady wants to sell t-shirts that say "Tom Terrific" those shirts have to be referring to Seaver and buyers need to know that.

Using the name otherwise would “falsely suggest a connection” with Seaver according to the Patent office.

I don't see Brady making shirts for Seaver, so I guess that plan isn't happening for the Patriots quarterback.

So now what?

Should we give Tom a new nickname so he can make money off of it?

How about "Tom Tremendous?" "Brilliant Brady?" Would you put those on a t-shirt?

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