First off, allow me to congratulate the city of Boston on being awarded one of the most bizarre accolades around.

In case you haven't heard, Boston made it into the top 200 places in America for one of the best cities to ride your bicycle in your birthday suit. Yes, naked biking is a thing, and as unorthodox as it sounds, Boston scored number 11 in the entire country.

Now that's a site I could live my life without seeing.

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According to Lawnstarter's 2023 Best Cities for Naked Biking, Boston outranked 90% of the country with an overall score of 63.78 (out of 100 points) based on five key components: Naked Biking Popularity, Cyclist-Friendliness, Nudist-Friendliness, Safety, and Climate.

Although it scored high overall, Boston scored low when it ranks against other "Nudist-Friendliest" cities. I mean, it's Boston, would you be thrilled if you saw someone riding around in the buff? To each their own, I suppose.

Ironically, this report came out just in time for World Naked Bike Ride Day which occurred this past Sunday, June 11th. According to International Days, a man named Conrad Schmidt founded World Naked Bike Ride Day back in 2004. From that day forward, the world followed his lead, shed its clothes, and began organizing nude bike rides by the thousands. The goal each year is to promote a better body-positive world while also addressing the global problem of oil dependency.

The best city in the country to ride in the buff was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the last place rank for 2023 is a place in Arizona called Surprise. An odd name for a city, but a perfect fit for the reactions of local bystanders as they witness a brigade of nudists flaunting past on bicycles.

For some reason, I just can't seem to get on board knowing how bad road rash feels WITH clothes on. It's a hard pass for me, dog.

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