Despite the insane amounts of snow they have seen this summer, a new study by Forbes magazine says Boston is one of the most livable cities in the country.

Topped only by San Francisco in the US, Boston is said to be the second most livable city in the entire country...which some may find hard to believe.

The study was the 2015 Quality of Life study conducted by global consultancy Mercer. They factor in things like “political and social environment,” “economic environment,” “medical and health considerations,” “schools and education,” “consumer goods,” and “housing” and come up with the best places to settle down.

On a global scale, Vienna, Austria takes the overall top spot (in case your planning to move overseas any time soon) and in all of North America Vancouver ranked best. But closer to home things are looking pretty good in our own backyard.

When factoring in work opportunity and stability, climate, crime rates and more believe it or not Boston is among the best in the US.

They ranked #2 here at home and actually tied for #34 overall globally as one of the best places to live.

So do you agree with this study? Do you find Boston to be as livable as these consultants do?

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