According to Stephen Harlowe, a Boston Police Officer allegedly chased a 54-year-old man and then tackled him to the ground after he tapped on his car window near Boylston Street. The video was posted to Facebook around 7 pm on Tuesday, May 24th. Police confirmed Wednesday that Internal Affairs is reviewing the incident.

"Just witnessed, with co-workers, an elderly man being chased down and slammed to the ground, hair pulled and head slammed again to the ground, by Boston PD who refused to identify himself, even after the elderly was on the ground and not resisting. Why did this happen? Well, the Red Sox Jersey "Boston PD" allegedly cut this man off when taking a right hand turn in his vehicle all while this man was in the crosswalk. The elderly man allegedly tapped the back window of the unmarked vehicle in response to almost being run over. The Red Sox shirt "cop" didn't like this, so he chased and tackled the elderly man. He threatened to arrest him and had multiple squad cars arrive. No arrest likely because too many people called out the actions of the Red Sox shirt "cop" and confronted him on his road rage. Abuse and assault?" - Stephen Harlowe via Facebook