Like thousands on the Southcoast, I've been shopping at BJ's in Dartmouth for years.  I have to say, I never thought this was going to happen at our local store!

I spoke with Katelynn this morning who is a store manager at the BJ's location in Dartmouth and she confirmed that yes, indeed; BJ's in now selling beer and wine!

I joked with her about the fact that I feel like I practically live in the store I visit so often but that somehow, I missed the debut of the new beer and wine section which happened a little over a week ago!  One of my friends told me about it.

Katelynn tells me that for now, the display is at the very front of the store when you first walk in.  They hope to be fully stocked and will have a new beer and wine section in the back of the store by Friday

This is a major game changer for folks on the Southcoast as the Dartmouth store is one of 6 locations in Massachussetts to offer beer and wine for sale.  The only other locations in our state are; Chicopee, Dedham, Northboro, South Attleboro and Stoughton.

In my opinion, this makes getting ready to host a party or event that much easier!  I can get EVERYTHING I need all in one place and priced right to boot :)