Just about every aspect of our lives has changed, including how and when we do our grocery shopping.

I'm not a crybaby by any means but I'm determined that things should be fair, so when I heard about this, I needed to vent.

As soon as this pandemic hit, grocery stores across the SouthCoast adjusted, allowing for our seniors and the most at-risk groups to have separate shopping hours to keep them safe. Understandably so! I'm thankful they did that. However, BJ's in Dartmouth has a set time every morning they are open from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. that they allow this group to shop.

Do not get me wrong, they should absolutely continue to do this, but let's not make it a daily thing.

Hear me out: every morning for an hour those at higher risk go into the store and grab the essentials, sometimes even buying them out before the general public can get in. If you are a member of the general public, you would have to get there at 8 a.m. just to stand in line to get in at 9. Can we not do this every day? Maybe just three or four days a week?

Here is the sign they have on the door:

Jackson Scott/TownSquare Media
Jackson Scott/TownSquare Media

Let's keep this in mind also: everyone that shops at BJ's is a paying member. It's not that I'm saying our senior citizens are not important, but some are actually abusing the privileged by bringing their younger children. Then add on that Sunday is first responders' day – which I think is great because anyone should have first dibs on the essentials, I would think it would be those that are keeping us safe.

I'm stirring the pot here but I honestly think having this be a daily thing isn't necessary. Three to four days a week should be enough, no? Am I just being a brat?

Am I alone on this? So BJ's in Dartmouth, would you mind just giving ALL of us a whole day?

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