For weeks, we have been wondering where the legendary coin-operated horse in front of Big Value Outlet was going to end up.

We have the answer.

Hundreds if not thousands of little butts have taken a joy ride on the horse in front of the Dartmouth store over the decades. So, it makes sense that so many people want to know what's going to happen with the pony when Big Value officially closes.

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Well, after the horse went up for auction, we are thrilled to share that it will move to another family-oriented SouthCoast business.

It will now sit in front of Lolly's Cafe in Dartmouth.

Owners Lolly and Ronnie Fernandes purchased the ride last week.

I had to ask the important questions we all have, like where is the pony going to be located?

"We are trying to figure that out now," Ronnie said. "We want it outside Lolly's Cafe but we need to build something to protect the pony from weather."

The beloved animal is currently still at Big Value but Ronnie plans to use his trailer for the relocation.

He also shared that Dave Tatelbaum, owner of Big Value, has frequented Lolly's Cafe for breakfast. Lolly's learned

Ronnie, like most of us that grew up here on the SouthCoast remembers riding the horse as a young one and has children of his own who have also taken rides.

The Lolly's Cafe crew plans to donate the coins the horse takes in. The donor is yet to be decided but Sheridan Street business is open to suggestions.

Be on the lookout in the next couple of weeks for the horse and it's next stop.

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