If February vacation is taking a toll on you and the kids, fresh air may be the solution. Take a trip to one of the Southcoast's best playgrounds!


It seems the weather is finally back on our side just in time for February vacation. With the snow melting and the kids home all week causing chaos, it may be nice to take them out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. Here's some of our favorite choices for playgrounds around the Southcoast.

  • Kasey Silvia/TSM
    Kasey Silvia/TSM

    Dartmouth Community Park

    Most folks on the Southcoast know about the playground at Dartmouth Community Park.

    Right between Cushman Elementary and the Southworth Library, every local kid must have paid this park a visit at one time or another.

    With rows of swings, a mini rock climbing wall and accessibility for wheelchairs, this is a great playground for all kids.

    So whether you're stopping by the first time for the fiftieth, this is a must visit playground on the Southcoast.

  • Abby Renoir
    Abby Renoir

    Westport Community Center Playground

    If you're looking for a quieter playground experience, you might want to head to Westport and check out the Community Center Playground on Main Street.

    This slightly smaller playground has plenty to do. Lots of swings, some cool slides and even a little fort sure to give your kids hours of fun!

    Located right next to the Westport Town Hall Annex, this playground also offers plenty of parking, which is definitely a plus!

  • LCPL Matthew Rodriguez Playground Facebook page
    LCPL Matthew Rodriguez Playground Facebook page

    LCPL Matthew Rodriguez Playground

    Maybe you want a playground with a little something more...then you should take your little ones to the LCPL Matthew Rodriguez Playground at New Bedford Regional Airport.

    Not only will your kids get to play on the seesaw and slides, but they'll get to see airplanes coming in and out of the airport too!

    It's a smaller playground and there aren't any swings, but if your child loves planes this is a can't miss place to play!

  • tripadvisor.com

    Fort Taber Playground

    What if you want to sneak some education into your playtime?

    Then you should make a stop at the Fort Taber Playground!

    Your kids will get to laugh and play on this nautical themed playground that is super spacious, offers lots of different slides, monkey bars and swings all a stone's throw away from the fort so you can sneak in a little history lesson too.

  • townofsomerset.org

    Pierce Beach Playground

    If you can't choose between the beach and the playground, compromise with a trip to Pierce Beach in Somerset.

    The playground here is just a short walk from the beach and can mean a fun-filled day that is sure to tire out the kids!

    The playground has a frontier feel with a little cabin kids can play in.

    Plus you can head up the hill and go on the "super slide". A long, red, tunnel slide that's fun for kids and adults!

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