It's a rainy spring weekend, so perfect for hunkering down on the couch and watching movies! Or at least that's what I'll be doing. And here are some of my suggestions for what to watch.

As I learned yesterday on the Fun 107 facebook page, there are a lot of different types of movies you like to watch when it starts to rain. From 80s movies, to horror movies and even romantic comedies, everybody's got their something and I think my must watch list has something for everybody.


Cloudy, rainy days can really set the mood for giving yourself a good scare. I personally can't do the blood and gore of most horror movies, but I do love the Paranormal Activity series. These films make me jump every time and on a dark and stormy night they'd be perfect for a terrifying good time.

80's Movies

The best right? There are so many 80's movies that I love, it was tough to pick just one. I think you could actually binge on 80's movies all weekend and be very happy, but if I had to choose it would have to be Dirty Dancing. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"


There are a lot of ways you can go with the comedy genre. Slapstick, dark comedy, romcoms (a category of its own on this list) but for me its stupid comedies that are the best. Crazy premises and situations you just shake your head at, I love that. And for me Tropic Thunder has it all. It's just plain silly, I mean Robert Downey Jr. in blackface and he gets an Academy Award nomination for it? No other comedy has that.

Romantic Comedy

It had to have its own category...right? Another category with a lot of choices, but I'm going with a very recent romcom. Silver Linings Playbook. It's a quirky, funny and at times sappy movie that I personally loved from start to finish. Great acting, great plot a great rainy day choice.


Of course sappy isn't for everybody, so if you are more of an action buff rainy days may not be as relaxing for you, but they are exciting. I always think a rainy weekend is the best time to watch the Lord of the Rings series. Yes, I said series. I know they're long, but they are so good! And if you've got all weekend to watch them why not try to fit all three into your lazy schedule! If not; the original Lord of the Rings is a great place to start!


And by animation, I mean Disney movies. They to me are still the best. And the classics are where I would head on a rainy day. My all time favorite Disney film is Peter Pan. Love it so much I got the bluray version for Valentine's Day last year and was so excited!

Enjoy this rainy weekend no matter what you do. And if you have more movie suggestions for the couch potatoes like me, feel free to share below!

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