As you prepare for your camping trip we've got a full list of kid-friendly camping gear that will seriously make your trip a breeze!

Fatherly carries child-friendly camping gear perfect for a family outing. They also have a list of the essentials for campers.


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    Struggling with trying to put up a tent is no fun, so find one that's easy to pitch and is less likely to pinch the kids.

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    Sleeping Pad

    Sleeping pads really help protect against rocks on the ground so the kids feel protected. Find one with a little extra insulation to keep the cold or hard ground from affecting your sleep.

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    Sleeping Bag

    If you and your kids are all season campers, you're going to want to look for protection that can handle the temperature range to keep your children warm enough.

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    Camping Chair

    Great for sitting around the fire with your family, roasting marshmallows and telling stories. For easier transportation, find one that's light, but with insulation to keep the kids' bottoms dry. Good back support is, as always, also important.

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    Backpacks are an absolute essential for camping. Make sure to find one that's durable, but comfortable for your back, because you'll be carrying it around.

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    Cooking Kit

    Of course, you'll need to eat, and to get the full camping experience, you'll need to cook your own food. The best cooking gear is compact and able to "double-duty".

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    A good head lamp lets the kids explore the area, hands free. It also helps for reading in the dark, or looking for lost items.