This year a lot of new events were added to the 22nd Winter Olympic games. From slopestyle skiing and snowboarding to team figure skating and women's long jump, all in all 12 different events were introduced this year. But what if there were even more? I'd like to think everyone could be an Olympian, if they just introduced the right events. Everyday events.

So if everyday tasks were awarded medals, what do you think you could get gold in?

Kirill Kudryavtseviafp/Getty Images

I'm pretty sure I could be atop the podium in highway merging. Whether I'm the car entering the highway or the driver that has to make room for another car entering the highway, I can usually make the transition quite seamless.

I can eyeball the entry and typically make the merge happen with little to no braking. Gold medal worthy if you ask me.

So what about you? What everyday task have you mastering to near flawless perfection? What would you get your everyday Olympic gold for?