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I have reached the age where all of my friends are settling down and building new lives, a far cry from the outrageous college years (I’ll spare the details). It’s moments like the one I had on Saturday that make me grateful for the company I keep and the promise of a better tomorrow during such a terrible year.

I attended my best friend’s engagement party on Saturday afternoon and there are very few things I love more than showering my friends with love. With a bottle of Moët in hand, I was ready to celebrate the future Eatons, but little did I know I would be popping bottles for a different reason.

In the company of her loved ones, my best friend asked me to be her bridesmaid, and I am overjoyed.

If you go by social media standards, it seems like these moments happen every 20 minutes. We’ve all seen "Bride Tribe” pics on Instagram. But when the moment actually happens to you, and you are chosen to stand by your friend on such a momentous occasion, it’s truly heartwarming and unforgettable.

I have never been the type to have a lot of friends. I keep my circle small, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if any of my friends would be the type to marry, which is completely and totally fine. But when my friend asked me to stand alongside her on her big day, I realized how wonderful it is to have these tiny memories in life that will last a lifetime.

It’s been a rough year, filled with cancellations and setbacks, but thank goodness for moments like this that show us life will go on. There are better days ahead, and vows to be made!

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