The Red Sox celebrated their World Series win yesterday with a parade in Boston. World Series trophy in hand, the duck boats filled with Red Sox players, managers, and front office staff were rolling on their familiar route from Fenway to Downtown.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh requested that it be an alcohol-free event, but that request was ignored by many of the hundreds of thousands that lined the streets on the balmy Halloween day.

Many of the players were shaking up beers and spraying them on willing fans. Some fans even tossed beers up to the players, who would drink or spray the beer on each other.

While technically frowned upon, it was harmless fun--for the most part.

Until one young guy from Sandwich threw a beer that hit Alex Cora, and his young daughter.  Cora was anything but pleased, and immediately pointed 19-year-old Patrick Connolly out of the crowd. As police approached, the crowd also pointed at Connolly.

Connolly was arrested and brought to court, where he admitted that he hit Cora with the beer, but was adamant that he was a fan of the Boston Red Sox manager.

Connolly's roommate believes that this could be a case of mistaken identification.

Additional Reporting by Abbey Frias.

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