Once again a struggling retail chain is closing store fronts to save their business.

The home decor retailer says the stores in question are ones with expensive lease agreements and if things can't be renegotiated with building owners, the company will simply close those locations.

Where they are exactly has not been disclosed, but considering there are over 1,000 stores between the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico chances are this may not affect us on the SouthCoast.

I certainly hope not, I do love Bed Bath and Beyond. And the coupons never expire, I'd miss that like crazy!

Honestly hard to believe BB&B is struggling too, since it is always pretty busy when I shop there.

Still locations may close throughout 2019 and we'll keep you posted on where as soon as we hear.

In place of those 40 stores however, Bed Bath and Beyond is offering shoppers new "lab" stores to check out.

These stores will focus on food products, health and beauty products and home decor more than bedding and appliances. They'll also feature a different layout so shoppers have a better view of items.

That does sounds like a good idea in general for Bed Bath and Beyond. It's nearly impossible to move around that store with a shopping cart things are so packed in.

BB&B also plans to overhaul their management team, trim product lines and beef-up their in store experience as part of the overall plan to turn things around financially.

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