There's no way I can convince myself this is remotely healthy, but who cares! It sounds delicious and I totally want one! And that "it" is a bacon donut!


Vikif/Tim Boyle/Getty Images

CBS Boston shared some photos of the tasty treats that the guys from Phantom Gourmet got to taste recently and I wish I was as lucky as they were.

Seems the folks at Dunkin Donuts invited them to their world headquarters in Canton, MA for some sampling of their bacon donuts and their pretzel twists.

According to CBS, the bacon donut is not available just yet, and supposedly will only be available if it draws enough interest.

Well I am interested!

Something about the sweetness of a donut mixed with the saltiness of the bacon sounds fantastic to me.

Admittedly I may not be able to eat them all that often (I do attempt to be healthy), but as an afternoon snack once in a great while, I'm on board!

So I for one certainly hope these bacon donut become a reality for the rest of about you?