This morning on the Rock and Fox Show, we announced in our Entertainment Update that Build-A-Bear workshop is on the verge of releasing a new Baby Yoda stuffed animal.

Get ready to see kids here on the SouthCoast lugging around Baby Yodas in the backseat of their parents' cars and as they get wheeled around in Market Basket carriages.

This is going to be massive on so many levels.

Unless you've been living under a rock, even if you haven't watched Star Wars: The Mandalorian on the Disney+ streaming network, you've seen the hilarious Baby Yoda memes floating around social media since the new show began streaming in November.

The CEO of Build-A-Bear, Sharon Price John, made the announcement yesterday during an investment conference. She says that the moment they saw the Baby Yoda character on the show, she immediately knew that they needed to strike up a partnership. She says they started work on obtaining the rights to sell the plush doll from Disney and LucasFilm.

This isn't the first time Build-A-Bear has partnered with Disney and LucasFilm to bring Star Wars-themed characters to life. They have offered bears in the likeness of Kylo Ren, Red Stormtroopers, Porgs and a number of other characters.

Fans of Baby Yoda can expect to see "The Child" (as the character is officially known) on Build-A-Bear shelves in May of this year.

The nearest Build-A-Bear locations to the SouthCoast are in Providence at the Providence Place Mall, in Braintree at the South Shore Plaza, and in North Attleboro at the Emerald Square Mall.

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