It definitely wasn't a cat in a tree, but firefighters rescued this little guy anyway.

I'm pretty sure if I ran into a raccoon in real life I would be completely freaked out. But seeing photos of this adorable baby trash panda trapped in a sewer grate melted my heart a little.

Not sure how this little guy even got himself into this situation, but a young raccoon was found with his head sticking out of a sewer grate in Newton, Massachusetts on Thursday afternoon.

Town firefighters and Waltham Animal Rescue were called in to help him out and that is just what they did.

From the photos shared by the Newton Fire Department on Twitter, this rescue required quite a few guys.

raccoon rescue
Newton, MA Fire Department

And it wasn't as simple as just lifting the grate out of the pavement.

raccoon in grate
Newton, MA Fire Department

I can't even imagine how they actually got his head out of there. Butter perhaps?

Lucky for this raccoon an animal loving citizen noticed his little head popping out of the sewer on their commute to work and called for help.

And in case you were wondering the raccoon is said to be doing well. He'll be back to eating area trash in no time, I'm sure.

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