I was pretty spot on last season! Just sayin'.

Last year the Celtics were big time over achievers. After losing in the Eastern Conference Finals (which I predicted), the Celtics totally overhauled their entire roster. The little engine that could is now a team legitimately in the conversation as a title contender, or at least in the conversation for who gets to lose to the Warriors.

Enough of the pleasantries! Let's talk brass tax here and get to B Mo's Top 5 Reasons to love the 2017-2018 Boston Celtics.

5. Jayson Tatum Is Too Legit

I can admit when I'm wrong and in back to back seasons I've been wrong about the Celtics' draft picks. I didn't like Jaylen Brown and he proved me wrong. This season I wasn't big on Jayson Tatum. Tatum came in and ripped up the summer league and has held his own in the preseason, while turning heads with his teammates.

Reason To Be Excited:

In the season opener Tatum will be the first rookie to start in his season debut for the Celtics since... Paul freakin' Pierce. While we're on the topic of Paul, it should be noted that teammates, analysts and "experts," have all compared Tatum to Pierce. They have a similar style of play and nice step back game. Pierce turned out alright, let's hope Tatum can prove the experts right.

4. The Long Strong Celts

Isaiah Thomas is gone, all 5'9" of him. The tiny titan was the engine for the Celtics last season which some would argue isn't a good thing. Your best player shouldn't be that small in a game for giants. Well they've definitely solved that this year. The entire starting lineup outside of Kyrie, who's 6'3", is at least 6'5" or taller. Them some big boys!

Reason To Be Excited:

All that length is going to be very advantageous. Not only are these guys big, but they're quick and skilled. They're all interchangeable. They'll play positionless basketball, which not only will be hard to defend but it'll be hard to cut through on offense. It also helps with their lack of depth seeing that injuries won't hurt as bad knowing many players can play many spots.

3. Marcus Smarticus

I know, it's Smart not Smarticus, but I like the nickname and I'm going to make it happen like Gretchen Weiner and Fetch. This dude lost 20 lbs coming into the season and seems to look just as strong. Oh, and let's not forget he's in a contract year.

Reason To Be Excited:

Smart is a pitbull. He's going to play the role of defensive stopper this year and with 20 lbs gone he can defend more quicker guards and brutalize more NBA stars. It came out yesterday that Smart and the Celtics couldn't reach a contract extension which makes him a restricted free agent at the end of the year. If Smart wants to get paid he's going to have to show up and show out this season. I don't doubt he'll do either.

2. Brad Stevens

Brad always needs to be on this list. He's already considered one of the best coaches in the NBA right now and he's still basically an infant.

Reason To Be Excited:

Since day one Brad has been coaching up a Celtics roster that was lacking in talent. Even last year when the Celtics were totally outclassed by the Cavaliers they found a way to steal a game with their best player out. Brad is basketball brainiac and now he FINALLY has some upper echelon talent to play with. He already has these guys sharing the ball and looking like the globetrotters. Brad's going to make this team REALLY fun to watch.

1. Uncle Drew & G aka Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward

For the last few seasons the Celtics have had their eyes focused on Gordon Hayward. They wanted him and they knew they had a shot thanks to Hayward's close relationship with coach Stevens. When they signed him it was exciting. Another offseason and another big fish coming to Boston (Al Horford last season). Then out of NO WHERE Trader Danny strikes again and lands the legitimate superstar he had been waiting for. Kyrie Irving.

Reason To Be Excited:

Al Horford is a very good player but no the face of a team he's a guy that does everything well and quietly makes the Celtics better every game. Signing Gordon was BIG a guy who can score in so many ways and a great improvement over what they had. Then there's Kyrie Irving. Kyrie is a legitimate stud. He's a brand. His game should explode to new levels in Boston if that's even possible. He'll be able to be a floor general again and has the coach to help lift him to new heights. Expect a lot out of the new Celtics point guard this season.


Last year in "Honorable Mention," I told you to watch Isaiah because he would have an explosive season. I think we can put that in the "right again" column. This year I have a few other things to look out for.

Aaron Baynes: Aside from Tommy's weird shower experience with Baynes, you need to watch out for him this year. First of all he was on the Spurs before, so that's reason enough right there. Secondly he's likely to flourish quietly. He's tough and gritty. He'll get his nose dirty and will be able to do his own thing being surrounded by all this talent. He could prove to be a BIG addition.

Paul Pierce: After retiring last season the Celtics aren't wasting any time honoring the former franchise player. His number is headed to the rafters on February 11, 2018 before a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. That's going to be a Boston sports night to remember. Trust me.


The Celts are improved and should do a lot of winning this season. Expect them to be a little slow out of the gate. There's only 4 players from last season returning this year so there's going to be a growth period, but once they get going be ready.

Record: 58-24

Standings: 1st in the Atlantic Division - 2nd in the Eastern Conference

Playoffs: Lose to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals in 5 games (yea the NBA Finals)

Game 1 is tognight in Cleveland! I'll see you in June!

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