As a wild and crazy Celtics fan, I couldn't be more excited for the best day of year! The Celtics season opener!

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a Celtics die-hard, a "Green Teamer," if you will. I have almost too much Celtics pride. Honestly, It's probably teetering on the edge of obsession and I'm cool with that. So Needless to say, watching the Celts walk off the court and out of the playoffs last season was painful. A team that was easy to love got punched in the gut by an Atlanta Hawks. Since then a few things have changed and for the better. There are SO many reasons to be excited for what's to come this season!

1. Al Horford is a Celtic and looks A-MAZ-ING!

Al was the enemy back in April when the Hawks eliminated the Celtics, but not anymore! Al signed with Boston after Celtics' brass told him he'd be a perfect fit in Boston (and offered him a barrel of money).

Reason to be excited: The Celts were not wrong! In the preseason Horford looks like he was brought into this world just to play for Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics! The strength of the C's is their defense. Al Horford is going to make them even better and as we all know...DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! He might not blow you away statistically, but he makes everything easier for everyone else on the floor. Plus, he's established himself as a leader already. He WILL be a reason this team takes a big step forward this season.

2. Jaylen Brown is more than just an athletic freak and it makes my little green heart happy

NBAE/Getty Images

C's fans were less than enthused with the Jaylen Brown pick when it was announced on draft night. There were so many huge rumors on the table and we ended up picking a kid no one knew... great. He could dunk and and had a killer high top fade. That was it... or was it?

Reason to be excited: Brown has good instincts and no fear. He can defend 3 positions and wants to work. His shooting needs some help, but once he gets it, he's going to be a PROBLEM for other teams. Plus, he can jump out of the gym and has a killer high top fade. Here's some proof:

3. Brad Stevens.

Literally that's it... Brad Stevens.

Reason to be excited: He's Brad Stevens.

4. Terry Rozier is legit.

The 16th pick in 2015 left people scratching their heads, but after a nice showing in the playoffs and this preseason that itch is gone. Rozier is about to have a coming out party.

Reason to be excited: Terry has become a true point guard and floor general. He can run the offense and score for himself if something breaks down. He's another great perimeter defender with Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley. He's going to make it tough when teams go to their bench and have to deal with him. Mark my words, at 22-years-old, he will be a big part of the future here.

5. The Brooklyn Nets are absolute garbage and are essentially employees of the Boston Celtics

Danny basically mugged the Nets, took their lunch money and their girl and it's paying off.

Reason to be excited: The C's own the rights to the Nets draft pick after this season. While the Celtics are projected to be favorites and a top team in the NBA, the Nets are not. Brooklyn will project to be so bad players have asked people not to watch.

They can't even get their promos right! Basically Boston is letting Brooklyn do the dirty work of getting them another lottery pick next year. Every Nets loss is a Celtics win! Thanks!


Isaiah Thomas: This kid is hungry to be great and keeps getting better. He's a leader and will have more opportunities to do his thing with Horford helping create space for him. Expect a big year for the little guy.

Paul Pierce: Paul is one of the best Celtics ever. This is his last season in the NBA and he's playing for the LA Clippers out west. That means unless he's traded he has only one more regular season game to play on the parquet floor in Boston. I'm sure he will be honored pregame and the Boston faithful will show their appreciation. I LOVE YOU PAUL!


The Celts won 48 games and lost in the first round last season. This team will be better, which is saying something. Brad is brilliant and has more good pieces on the roster than he's ever had since becoming and NBA coach. There's no reason not to have high expectations for the Celtics.

Record: 54-28

Standing: 2nd in the Atlantic Division - 3rd in the Eastern Conference

Playoffs: Lose in Eastern Conference Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games

Wednesday is Game 1 and Day 1 on what should be a wild ride with the Celtics this season! Pull up your tube socks and lace up the converses because it's going to be a fun basketball season!