Restaurant Week had me eating A LOT. Here's some of what I loved.

Full disclosure: I'm a very picky eater. I was a little worried about Restaurant Week heading into it. I wasn't sure how much I would actually dive into it. Well now that the week has come and gone, I definitely was surprised by how much I really enjoyed all the different foods. The SouthCoast isn't playing when it comes to their restaurants. I was eating like a king all week, but there are few dishes that stood out to me a little more than the rest:


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    Barrett's Waterfront - Brown Sugar Cajun Dry Rub Crispy Wings

    I'm a boring, fussy eater, as I said. I usually just have plain wings. Literally nothing on them. No sauces, no nothing. Good ol' Bryan Rose talked me into trying one, so I decided on the Brown Sugar Cajun Dry Rub, and dear god, was it a good choice. The wings were cooked perfectly and they were nice and crispy. The Cajun rub wasn't overpowering, and the brown sugar was a delectable cherry on top. I will DEFINITELY be back to Barrett's Waterfront to have these again!

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    Endzone Sports Pub - Bacon Cheddar Jumbo Tater Tots

    First of all, who doesn't love tater tots? Honestly, they're a call back to being a kid. I always forget about how much I love some tater tots, until of course, I have some tater tots. These are not your everyday tots, though. They're enormous, and filled with BACON AND CHEDDAR. They're just as delicious as they sound. It's quite literally a tater tot with cheddar and bacon seamlessly cooked inside, not crudely stuffed or infused. It's perfectly put together for something to make your mouth water.

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    Top Shelf Bar and Grille - Portuguese Steak

    I'm a big steak guy. This steak was cooked to perfection and outrageously delicious. I ate it in no time flat. I honestly don't really even have words for it. All I can tell you is that right now you should get up, grab your keys, go to Top Shelf and get it. NOW!

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