Judging from some of the comments on Fun 107's Facebook Fanpage and Fun 107.com, there are a number of people who believe that the two Australian radio DJ's are responsible for the death of a nurse who apparently committed suicide. As you have no doubt heard, the two DJ's pretended to be the Queen and Prince Charles last week and were able to find out Kate Middleton's condition over the phone.

Some of our listeners called them "losers" and "idiots", another said "unbelievable that they will get away with it!  They should be fired."  Leona had a softer stance, but still felt the DJ's are at fault "These two took part in her death," she posted, "they have been pulling jokes for years. Having to deal with that guilt would be enough for me."  Others disagreed, saying that while it clearly is a tragedy, the DJ's didn't kill her and aren't at fault.

Honestly, when I first heard the call on Wednesday (before the nurse's death), my first thought was not that the DJ's should be fired. My first thought was that station management was probably going to offer them a nice Christmas bonus for the international publicity.  I'll bet they were getting hallway high 5's from the bosses.  I heard no calls for the DJ's to be fired. The main focus of controversy (if there was any) was egg on the face of the hospital for compromising the privacy of one of their patients (royal or otherwise).

However, the gag took a deadly turn on Friday, when one of the nurses in the prank phone call turned up dead...the victim of an apparent suicide. Since then, the DJ's have received death threats. They've suspended themselves from the airwaves. They've gone into hiding. Police in London are actually looking to talk to the duo as part of the investigation into the nurse's death.

The DJ's say that they deeply regret making the call. They say it was just a silly joke, and that no one could have predicted that the nurse would take her own life. What do you think? Should they be held responsible? If so...what should happen? Should they lose their jobs? Is this a jail-able offense?

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