It's no surprise that here on the SouthCoast and across the globe, we are seeing a spike in mental health concerns as we begin to finally climb out from under the Covid-19 pandemic and back into socializing.

Over the last week or two, it may have felt like we were finally blossoming into normalcy. Mask mandates across the SouthCoast are being lifted, restaurants are full again, cases are falling and, well, we are just sick of talking about it all together.

One thing we aren't talking enough about is the fallout of our mental health from years of isolation and desocialization. Getting back out into public hasn't been smooth sailing for many people. It's just now that we are feeling and seeing the long-term effects. And not a single person is immune to it.

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Even more unsettling is that many reports of distress are coming from youth. It seems I'm always hearing about a young person struggling with dark thoughts.

Therapy is an option but the cost is not always covered by insurance and can be expensive. Wait times can also be discouraging for those whose needs are urgent.

Seeing and hearing about so many struggling with something right now led me to think about some of the resources we have on the SouthCoast that can help.

After doing some digging, I found a few resources in the New Bedford area that can help. Whether someone is in immediate need or simply looking for someone to talk to, no one should feel alone. Sometimes all that is needed is a listening ear. Many of these resources can be just that.

New Bedford

Emergency Mental Health Services, 543 North Street, (508) 996-3514

Center For Health and Human Services, 34 Gifford St., (508) 717-0352

Counselling Centers, 412 County St. (508) 992-8010

All Care Wellness Center,, 2343 Purchase Street, (781) 436-3352

Seven Hills Behavioral Health, 589 South 1st Street, (508) 755- 2340

Fall River

Corrigan Mental Health Center, 49 Hillside Street, (508) 235-7200

SSTAR Ambulatory Behavioral Health Services, 386 Stanley St., (508) 679-5222

Arbour Counseling Services, 1082 Davol Street, (508) 678-2833
Fitzgerald Counseling Group, 249 Linden St., (774) 775-2108
These are just some of the resources we have here on the SouthCoast.  Also please know that I am always here to listen as a the friendly voice you hear on the radio every afternoon. I got you!
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