We all remember the amazing songs from Black Eyed Peas and that signature Fergie voice with some awesome beats. I think every Black Eyed Peas song we played on Fun 107 was a bop for sure.

While Fergie doesn't appear to be part of the reunion, I'm excited to hear what the Peas have been working on. I know they will have some awesome songs for the club.

As a matter of fact, I played this new Black Eyed Peas song for Gazelle and he said he would definitely be playing it at some of the spots he spins at.

In their new song, they sample a Fun 107 staple from Corona called "The Rhythm of the Night," definitely a Back in the Day Café song that you have heard a few times and can't help but bust a move to.

In case you missed hearing the song on the air, here is the "comeback" for Black Eyed Peas:

So most of the song, I have no idea what they are saying. But J. Balvin has been a landmark artist representing the Latino community with songs that speak to the culture, so I trust he is staying on brand with this song.

I can definitely hear the signature Black Eyed Peas beats in this song and the undeniable verses from Will I. Am. and Travis Scott.

What do you think? Is this a comeback song for this group? Do we hope and pray that Fergie jumps on a track with them soon?

Is this song Fun 107 playlist worthy? Tell us, is it wicked good or totally whack?

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