Think back to when you were a kid. Put yourself back to those endless summers when last year's classes seemed like a distant memory and the first day of school felt like it was months and months away. The idea of school was certainly nothing that would interfere with your summer Wiffle ball game or the task of stuffing a no-namer Topps baseball card in the spokes of your bike to make it sound like a motorcycle.

Imagine pulling 12-year-old you aside and telling that little kid that they were going to get a bonus two weeks of summer vacation. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I would jump out of my skin with excitement. An extra two weeks to make forts. An extra two weeks to ride bikes to the park. An extra two weeks to stay up late eating pizza and watching movies. A bonus two weeks of summer vacation is the kids' version of hitting the lottery, unless you're growing up in 2020.

Is it me, or did my kids take this week's news of an additional two weeks of summer vacation with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders? An extra two weeks of summer vacation would have been headline news in the 1990s kid's world. In 2020, it's just another thing that got postponed.

It's hard to imagine, but I guess there really is too much of a good thing. If you looked back to last winter, a simple snow day would have rocked their world. Now, they have been out of school so long that it's barely a point of discussion for them.

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