Before I get my head chopped off, I'll start off by saying this: my mother's homemade mashed potatoes could put anyone out of business. It takes a lot of work to make them and love is the first ingredient. Her mashed potatoes are the kind of food you crave right before every family holiday. Comfort doesn't even begin to describe this buttery, delicious bowl of heaven. I'm sure anyone could say the same thing about their mother's or grandmother's recipe.

However, there was a time that I actually preferred the boxed stuff. Mom would get so offended that I'd choose Idahoan over her homemade mashed potatoes. All that effort going into a dish that took hours to prep and cook and I was a brat for wanting the fake version. Honestly, it was probably just the fact that I was a picky eater and let's face it, most kids probably like the artificial flavor by default. Nowadays, I look forward to every holiday that my mom whips out the potato peeler, 10 sacks of potatoes, two tubs of butter, and a ton of sour cream (not her actual recipe, but you get the picture).

A recent conversation in the office had me wondering how many people still prefer the instant version of this comfort food. 

I'll have to put this one to the test next week when everyone will be over my house for Thanksgiving. We still have two different mashed potatoes for the meal. Until then, let's hear it from you.

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