A new report puts the Massachusetts' schools system at the top of their list. Would you agree with this finding?

According to WalletHub.com in the report of 2018's States With the Best and Worst School Systems, Massachusetts comes out on top.

They compared all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and found that Massachusetts schools land at #1 in Math, Reading and Median ACT scores and 13th in the teacher-pupil ratio in class.

The only major dip in the findings were the SAT scores, where Massachusetts' state scores were only 24th.

But how do parents feel about these findings?

With back-to-school just around the corner are you feeling like your school bound child is headed back to a great school? Do you feel they are getting a good education where they are?

Of course the WalletHub findings just break things down by state, not by district or areas...so are the general results consistent with what you experience at your child's school?

The report also shows Massachusetts schools to be very safe comparatively as well, landing at #5 in the bullying incident ratio and has the lowest percentage of threatened or injured high school students.

Sounds like Massachusetts schools have a lot going for them. Do you agree?

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