Seems you may not want to turn your brown eyes blue.

The things people study never ceases to amaze me. And it actually crossed some scientist's mind that your eye color may make you more or less likely for certain diseases.

Yes, seems blue eyes come with some serious downsides.

According to WebMD your eye color could relate to your likeliness to get cancer.

It sounds crazy, but once they explain it it kind of makes sense.

Folks with baby blues typically also have lighter skin because they have less melanin (the pigment that gives your skin, hair and eyes their color). Lighter skin puts you at greater risk of damage from the sun's rays and over time, higher risk of skin cancer.

Makes sense, right?

And that less melanin also can mean blue eyed people are more likely to have hearing loss.

But where WebMD lost me was on citing a 2011 European study that showed blue eyed people are more likely to get Type 1 diabetes and a 2015 finding that they are also more likely to drink alcohol and have a higher risk of becoming addicted.

As a blue eyed person, married to a blue eyed person with two blue eyed kids, none of that sounds great to me.

I mean how are those things even connected?

I'm no scientist, so what do I know.

Still it wasn't all bad news for us fair eyed folks. Other studies found blue eyed women were able to tolerate more pain during labor and people with lighter eye color were found to be better at bowling, golfing and pitching a baseball.

Science is weird.

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