Sadly, another whale has washed ashore in Westport.

On Sunday, July 23rd, a juvenile humpback whale was found decaying along the shoreline of East Beach by the campground. Witnesses were shocked to see the poor condition the young whale was in and even mentioned blood trickling down its mouth. Ashley Ferreira and her family stumbled across the carcass around 4:00 PM on Monday, July 24th, and noticed the whale was tied and bound to a rock by its tail.

Courtesy Ashley Ferreira
Courtesy Ashley Ferreira

To be safe, they kept their distance.

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"I didn’t smell anything rotten surprisingly, just a ton of flies," Ferreira said, "We didn’t even go in the water, just in case there were bacteria to be safe."

According to NBC News 10, the Environmental Police has alerted the public that the International Fund for Animal Welfare is on the case and will be evaluating the death of the young whale. In the meantime, the whale is confined to the rocky beach and will remain there to naturally decompose.

Courtesy Ashley Ferreira
Courtesy Ashley Ferreira

The Environmental Police are asking the public to keep away (including pet dogs) from the carcass and to not temper with, touch, or take anything from the decayed whale.

This is the second whale incident in the area this year alone, within only a month apart. On June 24th, a two-year-old gray whale washed ashore near Half-Moon Bay in Westport. Again, the whale was left to decay naturally on the beach.

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