Dear Dunkin',

This past weekend was the summer day I have been dreading. The day my heart was broken in a Dunkin' drive-thru. The day I asked for a Heath iced coffee, black, and was told, "we aren't serving the Heath iced coffees anymore."

And then adding insult to injury, I was asked if I wanted to try pumpkin spice instead.

The Heath iced coffee's time was cut too short. It is still hot and humid out there. Can't I cool off with some candy coffee goodness for a few more weeks?

I suppose in an area where iced coffee is something we drink all year and people rock shorts on a 20-degree day, any flavor can be for any season. But I wanted more Heath. I needed more Heath. Your limited time was too limited. I wasn't ready!

Perhaps there is a "Bring Back Heath Flavor" petition I can sign? Maybe a spare container of Heath flavoring I can purchase in order to add Heath to all future Dunkin iced coffees myself?

You can't have gone through all the Heath flavoring–right?

Seriously, I just need it for a few more weeks. And then I'll need you to bring it back next summer. And every summer after that.

Is that too much to ask?


Nancy Hall

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