Demi Lovato is one of the most transparent and resilient pop stars from the last two decades. She also has one undeniable voice.

It looks like Demi is ready to do it for herself and not anyone else, as her battle with substance abuse was in the spotlight when she made her first performance on the Grammy stage earlier this year. That was followed up with a national anthem performance at the Super Bowl that gave so many of us goosebumps.

Demi's new song is all about her self empowerment. She appears more confident than ever in the music video for this song, which features many of Demi's very close friends that helped her through tough times. She recently sat on the Ellen show and really dove into her struggles and how she feels now coming out a survivor.

The song is called "I Love Me."

She looks so amazing in this video. If you missed me playing the song on the air, take a look and listen to Demi's comeback track. Look closely as you will see allusions to some of Demi's most difficult times and the people involved, including her ex, Wilmer Valderrama.

I couldn't help but cheer on Demi during that whole video. At this point, we just want Demi to be ok. If she can kick ass while doing it, then you go, girl.

What did you think of it? Is Demi giving us a wicked good track or is it whack? Either way I'm rocking out to it at least for the weekend.

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