As Baseball Season gets ready to kick off, we reflect on some of the best baseball movies of all time, 'Major League', 'Bull Durham', 'Rookie of The Year', 'Money Bal'l, and then there is one of the best baseball flicks ever made - 'The Sandlot'. This movie goes above and beyond when it comes to explaining what it is like to be an American Boy growing up in a small town. Trust me I know, I played in a sandlot similar to this. Baseball was life.The Sandlot released in 1993 is celebrating it's 20th Anniversary.

You've probably seen it, or let your kids watch it. It can only be explained by one word..timeless. Now PF Flyers and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment have teamed up to celebrate the re-release on Blu Ray and DVD.

This may sound crazy, I know, I'm wicked excited, you can now own a piece of the movie, "The Secret Weapon" your very own pair of legendary limited edition PF Flyers. The shoes that made Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez jump higher and run faster and retrieve the priceless Babe Ruth ball from the lair of James Earl Jones and The Beast he kept in his backyard. Check out this PF Flyers site for information, and if anyone really loves me, I wear a size 11. Here's the trailer and some funny moments.