Love movies? Then the new AMC monthly subscription deal could be for you.

AMC theaters across the country, including the one at the Dartmouth Mall, are going to start offering monthly subscription deals where buyers get to see three movies a week for $19.95 per month.

Start signing up for it Tuesday June 26th.

The new plan is going to be dubbed AMC Stubs A-List and it can even be used at IMAX, Dolby Cinema, RealD 3D, Prime and BigD according to

Members can also book tickets online, reserve specific seats in the theater and watch the movies they have already seen again and again (if they really want to).

Movie buffs are probably going to love this new subscription and can officially start signing up for it on Tuesday June 26th.

The new plan is said to be in reaction to the MoviePass subscription theater deal, where for just $9.95 per month you can see one free movie per day.

MoviePass isn't associated with a particular theater either. They use an app to allow users to buy tickets to whatever movie they want from whichever theater they want in the entire country.

With over 3 million MoviePass subscriptions already, it's not hard to see why AMC would want to launch a similar program at their own theater chain.

Benefits to using Stubs A-List over MoviePass include the unlimited viewing of previously seen movies, multiple movie going in a single day and discounts on AMC concession items as well as free refills on large popcorn.

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