These days, pretty much anyone can make a video for next to nothing, so it's extra nice to see one that's been created with care and an actual budget. Case in point: This clip for Alicia Keys' duet with Maxwell, 'Fire We Make.'

Befitting the song's pleasantly retro old-school soul vibe, 'Fire' represents a throwback to the days when artists tried to tell stories with their videos, right down to the narration in the opening moments that sets up the tale of a young single lady (Keys) meeting up with a suave musician (Maxwell) in a New Orleans boarding house. Like the song itself, the video's a slow burn, ramping up anticipation for our lovers' big night with artfully framed shots of them (separately) getting ready to go out.

In an age of instant gratification, there's something sexy about making the audience wait -- and of course, it doesn't hurt that Keys and Maxwell are easy on the eyes. Take a look at the complete 'Fire We Make' video, embedded above, and let us know what you think!

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